RAK Ceramics publishes 2023 Environmental, Social & Governance report

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RAK Ceramics publishes 2023 Environmental, Social & Governance report

RAK Ceramics publishes 2023 Environmental, Social & Governance report

RAK Ceramics has published its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report for the year 2023, documenting the company’s achievements when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility. RAK Ceramics’ core divisions focused on bolstering sustainability efforts through targeted goals and innovative initiatives in 2023. They executed 32 projects aimed at optimising resource usage and reducing environmental impact. In addition, the recently opened Smart Factory helped boost productivity, reduced power and gas consumption. 

In 2023, RAK Ceramics ensured improved circularity through a multifaceted approach, in which 100% of non-hazardous waste was either reintroduced in production or recycled by third parties. The factories reused 16.7% of fired sanitaryware rejects, 92.5% of reclaimed glaze and 100% of greenware sanitaryware rejects. 

In regard to social responsibility, RAK Ceramics increased the representation of women among administrative employees. The company also onboarded 319 professionals and optimised the workforce to enhance production capacities, which resulted in 762 employees transitioning to new opportunities. Demonstrating a strong commitment to corporate responsibility, the company invested in various CSR initiatives last year including a response to the earthquake in Turkey and Syria to help facilitate the rebuilding process. 

Commenting on the success of ESG objectives in 2023, Abdallah Massaad, group CEO of RAK Ceramics, said: “In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability, RAK Ceramics achieved many important sustainability goals in 2023, including increased energy efficiency, conserving natural resources, and implementing eco-friendly solutions across our entire value chain. We are proud to announce ongoing investments and advancements in our manufacturing capabilities across key regions, including the UAE. This strategic investment not only enhances our production capacity but also reflects our unwavering dedication to delivering excellence in quality, fostering innovation, and ensuring sustainability. As we navigate the future, our dedication to sustainability remains unwavering. We are committed to leading by example, continuously improving our practices, and putting humanity and nature at the core of our business.” 

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