IDS records no Lost Time Accidents in the last 12 months

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IDS records no Lost Time Accidents in the last 12 months

IDS records no Lost Time Accidents in the last 12 months

Surface materials distributor IDS has announced a significant milestone in its Health and Safety record: a full 12 months without any Lost Time Accidents (LTAs).  

IDS is the UK’s largest distributor of surface materials with a portfolio that spans high pressure laminates, solid surfacing, worktops, flooring, wall and ceiling panels, panel products and composite decking.

Lost Time Accidents are classed as any work-related injury that causes an individual to lose 24 hours of work following the day of the accident. IDS has reported zero Lost Time Accidents within the business between February 1st, 2023 and February 1st, 2024, a record it has maintained to date.

Colin Cunningham, who has recently been appointed UK national EHS manager at IDS, said: "Maintaining this safety record is no small feat in a distribution business with over 400 employees, spanning 12 regional sites, with up to 80 vehicles on the road daily, and over 12,000 product lines to stock and distribute. An LTA can arise from seemingly minor incidents, so to have had zero incidents in a whole year demonstrates a tremendous effort and collaboration of everyone in ensuring the safety of all staff."

IDS says it regularly assesses workplace hazards, implementing preventive measures and providing comprehensive training to employees. Clear policies and guidelines have been established, with a strong commitment to safety evident at all levels of the organisation. Initiatives include the installation of six cameras around all HGVs with a 2021 plate and above, and the incorporation of three-metre zonal lights around the majority of forklift trucks. These measures are designed to ensure safe distances between vehicles and pedestrians, enhancing overall workplace safety.

Cunningham added: "Our goal is to cultivate a 'zero accident culture' where every individual, from top management to frontline workers, is dedicated to preventing accidents and promoting a safe work environment. We are actively bridging the gap between regulatory requirements and our actual practices to ensure compliance and safety across the organisation."

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