Clearwater's Daniel Boulton: Why hand sprays are back as an eco-choice

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Clearwater's Daniel Boulton: Why hand sprays are back as an eco-choice

Clearwater's Daniel Boulton: Why hand sprays are back as an eco-choice

For clients keen to make sustainable choices to cut down their environmental impact, hand sprays are a logical choice, says Daniel Boulton, business and product development manager at Clearwater Products.

In the age of sustainability and eco-consciousness, the kitchen and utility room are areas where many homeowners are seeking ways to reduce their environmental footprint. Enter the revival of hand sprays, a seemingly simple addition to any kitchen or utility set-up, but one with significant eco-benefits. Our recent launch of hand sprays at KBB Birmingham received overwhelmingly positive feedback, highlighting why hand sprays are making a comeback and why they're an eco-friendly choice.

A simple addition with big benefits
Hands down, one of the best things about hand sprays is how simple yet effective they are. Unlike pull-out spray taps that might struggle with low-pressure systems, hand sprays are usually fed by the mains cold feed. This means they work like a charm even in homes with less-than-ideal water pressure. This makes them super versatile, whether your customers have a modern setup or prefer a more traditional vibe.

Hand sprays are also perfect for those utility or bootility rooms where a little extra convenience goes a long way. Think about how handy it is to have a dedicated spray for rinsing off muddy boots, cleaning gardening tools, or even pre-treating laundry. It's a win-win for practicality and efficiency.

Built to last
Our hand sprays stand out from many others on the market due to their robust construction. It's not just about looking sleek; it's about ensuring they last a long time, reducing the need for frequent replacements and ultimately minimizing waste. When you sell durable products, you're offering your customers a more sustainable choice.

Our hand sprays also come with adjustable flow and pressure settings, so your customers can switch between a strong jet spray for heavy-duty cleaning or a softer, aerated spray for more delicate tasks. This flexibility isn't just about making things easier — it's also about promoting water conservation.

Hands-free for added convenience
One of the most popular features is the hands-free operation. It's like a garden hose — you don't have to keep pulling a trigger. This is super useful when you're multitasking or have your hands full with dishes or other items. It makes cleaning and rinsing a lot more straightforward, and it's one of those little touches that makes a big difference in everyday use.

Eco-friendly and water-saving
Here's where hand sprays really shine: they're water-efficient. Our jet spray design restricts water flow and pushes it out under pressure, meaning you get an effective clean with less water. Your customers can save on their water bills and do their part for the environment. Plus, because the spray is so efficient, it reduces the need for detergent, which is another great way to be eco-friendly.

Think about the typical washing-up routine; rinsing under the tap and then popping things into the dishwasher. With hand sprays, you can use cold water to rinse and still get a good clean, using less water overall. It's a smart way to wash up while being mindful of resource conservation.

A trend worth following
Hand sprays are a simple yet impactful addition to any kitchen or utility room. They're durable, versatile, and eco-friendly, ticking all the right boxes for modern consumers.

As kitchen retailers, you can offer your customers a product that not only looks great but also supports a more sustainable lifestyle.

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