Hyperion's Richard Skeoch: Large-format tiles can enhance your designs

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Hyperion's Richard Skeoch: Large-format tiles can enhance your designs

Hyperion's Richard Skeoch: Large-format tiles can enhance your designs

Richard Skeoch, director of tile retailer Hyperion Tiles, reveals the reasons behind the trend for large-format tiles, and explains why incorporating them is an easy win for designers.

Q: Tell us about the trend for large-format tiles – why do you think it's come about?
A: Large-format tiles offer a more seamless look and, the bigger the tile, the more luxurious they look. They have become hugely popular because there is a huge array of styles, which are available to the designer and homeowner so there are plenty of designs to choose from. Large tiles work just as well in a residential and commercial setting, providing versatility and sleeker lines in terms of aesthetics. They are ideal for a variety of contemporary interiors, ranging from kitchens and bathrooms to hotels, bars and restaurants.

If you are looking for statement flooring, our extra-large floor tiles, Décor Munich 1820, feature a beautiful neutral colour palette. This means fewer grout lines and a more seamless finish. These kitchen tiles create a seamless look and come from our new extensive range of 1 sq m floor and wall tiles and feature a NeoSkin finish

Q: What are the advantages of large-format tiles for retailers and designers?
A: All of the above. Using larger tiles also means fewer grout lines, which adds to a minimalist look and makes them easier to maintain and clean. Style-wise, you can create a luxurious look with large tiles. Some of these replicate the look of wood or stone for a natural-looking finish, which will cost less than buying the real thing. Installation should take less time because you’ll need fewer tiles and grouting.

Create bathroom bliss and spa-style heaven with a rectified porcelain tile in a neutral colourway, such as our new Baltimore 1816 Caramel Matt tile. These extra-large floor tiles feature NeoSkin, an innovative technique that successfully replicates a natural finish across a 1sq m surface

Q: How about the advantages for homeowners?
A: These tiles can create a seamless flow within a design, which can be particularly beneficial in an open-plan area in a home. They can also create an illusion of more space in a compact room and will be easier to clean with fewer grout lines. Installation should cost less due to the reduced time it takes to install them. Porcelain tiles can also create a seamless look inside and out.

Our Helsinki range features rectified porcelain tiles with a NeoGrip finish, making these ideal for inside and out. Showcased here in this luxury bathroom, these matt Helsinki 1941 Blanco floor tiles feature NeoSkin in a speckled effect for an ultra-contemporary look, making these ideas for any high-end home renovation

Q: How easy are they to transport and install? 
A: You shouldn’t find problems transporting large-format tiles if they are packaged properly and you use tile suction-cups to move them once they have arrived at their location. They can be heavy, so it may take two professionals to put them in place then installation is the same as it would be for any tiled surface. Some manufacturers are using the latest technology to produce tiles, which are lighter and installation does tend to be quicker overall with fewer grout lines.

Featuring a striking NeoGloss surface for a beautifully polished finish, our new Trevi 1822 White Polished floor tiles have been used in this bedroom bathroom to blend the boundaries in contemporary design. Made from rectified porcelain, these replicate the look of natural stone with absolute finesse

Q: How effective can large tiles be as a choice for kitchen worktops?
A: It’s common for kitchen designers to use large-format porcelain tiles for worktops, because they look stylish, are ultra-durable and will not stain. Large tiles look very effective with minimal grout lines and the overall surface will be smoother than you’ll achieve with smaller tiles. The worktop will be easier to clean, which makes it more hygienic for food prep. Just check whether the tiles your client likes will be suitable for a work surface.

Create a seamless flow from outside in with our new Lyon 1836 Crema Matt rectified porcelain floor tiles. With a contemporary matt finish and NeoGrip finish, our tiles are anti-slip and resistant to frost, making these the perfect choice for an open-plan kitchen, living and outside space

In the bathroom, you can create striking feature walls and you can form the actual sink with these tiles for a super-sleek, seamless finish.

If you love the high-end polished look, then our new Loira 1857 White Polished rectified porcelain tiles could be ideal for you. Offering a distinctive marble effect, these extra-large floor tiles feature NeoSkin and NeoGloss for a striking finish in this bespoke bathroom

Q: What decors are most in demand when it comes to large-format tiles?
A: Some of the most popular large-format tile styles include minimalist, which tend to feature solid neutral shades, and industrial, such as concrete-effect tiles, for an ultra-contemporary finish. Patterns are also proving popular, from book-matched veining for a luxurious finish to geometrics, which will create a striking effect.

This beautifully polished rectified porcelain large floor tile offers a marble effect for a bespoke bathroom. From our new Firenze 1830 range, the Blue Calacatta Polished floor tiles feature anti-slip properties with a NeoGloss finish and look incredibly stylish

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