Roca reveals new touchless technology for maximum hygiene

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Roca reveals new touchless technology for maximum hygiene

Roca reveals new touchless technology for maximum hygiene

In response to the growing demand for zero contact bathroom solutions, Roca has introduced a new range of touchless products. The collection includes basin mixers that activate automatically when they detect a user, electronic flush plates with movement sensors, and mirrors with lights that are switched on with a gesture. Infrared sensors allow users to activate the water flow in taps, flush the WC or control the mirror light without the need for contact, avoiding the spread of viruses and growth of bacteria.

The EM1 Touchless dual flush valve offers zero contact and features a minimalistic design. The valve, which the company says is easy to install, can be retrofitted to upgrade an existing push button to an automatic toilet flush button. There is no electric connection needed and it is powered by 4 AA batteries that guarantee more than 40,000 flushes. With a wave of the hand, the EM1 recognises the required flush (full or half flush volumes) and with the sensor push button, the WC can be flushed in a hygienic way.

The EP-1 and EP-2 electronic operating plates, pictured, make it possible to activate the toilet flush without touching it. With a contemporary design, they are automatically activated when moving a hand in front of them.

Roca’s range of electronic basin mixers, including the Loft-E range, feature an infrared sensor that activates the water flow when presence is detected and shuts off automatically when it is no longer detected, avoiding direct hand contact. The lack of contact with the tap improves hygiene and is said to result in a cleaner product for longer, while the electronic basin mixers are also said to reduce the use of water in the home.

The electronic mixers are available in a battery or mains operated system and can be installed in any bathroom, regardless of the availability of a power outlet in the area of usage, with the battery operated versions guaranteeing over 250,000 uses. The electronic device also stops the water flow after a preset usage time to promote moderate use and prevent unnecessary waste of water.

Mirrors with integrated touchless technology, such as the Prisma Comfort model, allow users to activate functions such as the ambient light or the demister device through movement, which means less direct contact from hands, allowing the glass to remain clean and clear.

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