Showtime marketing campaign sees Hisense celebrate uplift in sales

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Showtime marketing campaign sees Hisense celebrate uplift in sales

Showtime marketing campaign sees Hisense celebrate uplift in sales

Since the launch of its Showtime marketing campaign in November 2020 to drive its portfolio of kitchen products, home electricals brand Hisense has seen a 39% uplift in sales across the relevant categories in the period before Black Friday. Hisense invested a six-figure sum into the campaign to promote its refrigeration, hobs, hoods and ovens, and saw a 38% uplift in website visits for cooking products, as well as an increase in engagements of over 20%.

Influencer marketing played a focal role in the campaign, seeing Hisense team up with a number of key social media personalities to bring to life the magic you can create in the kitchen with Hisense’s products. Supporting audio-visual assets were also created to showcase the product portfolio’s features, and shoppers were given the chance to win Hisense products via social media mechanics. Social media users were asked to get involved in the campaign, by sharing their content showing their own magic created in the kitchen and using the hashtag #DinnertimeShowtime.

Comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster were briefed to take part in a recorded audio advert for their podcast Off Menu, which was successful in reaching over 820,000 impressions in just under two weeks. Another 350,000 impressions were generated with supplementary voice-recorded ads running across other popular podcasts throughout the Showtime campaign. The campaign was amplified with video ads on YouTube and paid social adding a further 1.2m impressions to the activity.

Arun Bhatoye, head of marketing at Hisense UK says: “Almost 40% uplift in sales is testament to a really successful campaign in a truly challenging time. With digital marketing becoming more prevalent than ever before in the last 12 months, lots of brands are vying for their voices to be heard and we can say with confidence that our message really resonated with our audience. Our ethos is to create products that look great and offer simple solutions for the everyday, allowing our customers to enjoy their leisure time – and I think Showtime has really encapsulated that.”

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