Caesarstone reports 150% increase in consumer interest in 2021

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Caesarstone reports 150% increase in consumer interest in 2021

Caesarstone reports 150% increase in consumer interest in 2021

Caesarstone has recorded a significant spike in consumer interest in 2021, which it says is 'laying the groundwork for a promising year in the kitchen industry'. 

Based on findings from its in-house consumer engagement tools and analysis of customer data, Caesarstone says it has experienced a 150% increase in consumer sales-qualified leads in comparison to the same time last year. This growth is reinforced by information gathered from kitchen studios, which it says indicates a conclusive increase in customers enquiring about Caesarstone products, and an influx in orders from fabricators early in the new year. 

The latest announcement comes following the launch of Caesarstone’s Dark Collection in August 2020, and the addition of four new products to its Metropolitan and Supernatural collections of quartz surfaces. The brand is set to unveil its first ever portfolio of outdoor quartz surfaces in the spring, and a further collection of paler tones later this year. 

“Working from home has quickly become the new normal and we have all had to think on our feet regarding our new home office set-up. With that in mind, many of us found ourselves working from the kitchen, bringing a whole new dimension to this already multi-functional space in the home," said Jonathan Stanley, VP marketing for Caesarstone UK & EMEA.

“This increase in consumer interest shows promise for 2021. We are predicting growth within the mid to high-end kitchen market fuelled by a consumer desire for quality materials from proven, branded suppliers at a reasonable price, plus further factors contributing to hygiene, durability, and longevity. As the market remains optimistic, the growth we are likely to see will be steady, boding well for the kitchen industry in the long-term,” he added.

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