The Kitchen Group and Fisher & Paykel join forces for new showroom

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The Kitchen Group and Fisher & Paykel join forces for new showroom

The Kitchen Group and Fisher & Paykel join forces for new showroom

The Kitchen Group and Fisher & Paykel have formed a partnership ahead of The Kitchen Group’s launch of its new Northern flagship showroom in Nottingham. Named “German Kitchen Design Centre”, the kitchen studio will be one of six showrooms owned by The Kitchen Group. As part of the partnership, Fisher & Paykel will equip the new studio with its appliances. The brand will be displayed alongside Leicht, Express by Nolte, Cosentino and 1810. 

This is the first time The Kitchen Group has partnered with premium appliance brand, Fisher & Paykel. Liam Hopper, MD for The Kitchen Group said: “It is really important for us to be associated with companies who are making movement within the market via investment with product and facilities. Fisher & Paykel has a great product offering for the mid to high level market and I believe this is a perfectly suited offering to the market in Nottingham.” 

This showroom is set to offer a diverse mix of materials and products by contemporary brands. Hopper added: “Opening a showroom in a pandemic does not come without challenges but there is – without a doubt – still a demand for premium kitchen studios on the high street. I strategically open my showrooms near other kitchen shops as these become destination roads and I have seen much success through doing this.” The Kitchen Group has plans to open more showrooms in Surrey, Chelsea and Manchester later this year, making it the largest and fastest growing independent German retailer in the country. 

David Woollcott, MD for Fisher & Paykel said: “At Fisher & Paykel, we are deeply curious about the ways people live their lives around our products. We invest time into consumer research to ensure we deliver innovative products that not only meet consumers’ needs in a changing world, but also work flawlessly with our kitchen partners to best showcase their stunning kitchen designs. Our new range of recessed handle refrigeration has been developed on the feedback from our kitchen partners to deliver appliances that blend seamlessly with their designs. Liam and his team at The Kitchen Group deliver a premium product and service to the consumer and we are proud to work with them in their new showroom. Like them, we believe that the consumer really needs to experience a luxury kitchen experience in person before investing in their dream kitchen. The Kitchen Group’s new showroom will definitely deliver an exciting experience.” 

The showroom in Nottingham is scheduled to open on 12th April, in line with government guidelines. 

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