Ideal Standard announces new series of digital events

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Ideal Standard announces new series of digital events

Ideal Standard announces new series of digital events

Ideal Standard has launched its new series of digital events, the Together World Tour, which the brand says will address a global audience through 'an innovative fusion of digital content and physical interactions' across the key locations of Milan, Berlin, London, Paris, Dubai and Shanghai.

The tour is intended to give architects and designers, the retail community and design lovers from across the world a 'front-row seat' to the launch of new collections. The first event will be held on 21st April, beginning in Milan, and will then continue throughout 2021 and into 2022 visiting six cities in total. It will feature live and streamed content, simultaneously translated into several languages, with the interactive experience encouraging participants to engage with the live event, click to discover new collections, or zoom in on a location to unlock exclusive content.

“The pandemic has changed the rules for traditional physical events. Rather than simply offer an online showroom, we have invented a new way to connect with our customer base all around the world, digital and personal, a dynamic experience enabling us to explore the values of our brand and resulting in what we believe will be a journey of unforgettable moments of inspiration and delight,” said Torsten Türling, CEO of Ideal Standard.

Participants will also be given the opportunity to connect with the company’s chief design officer and other key personnel. To register, click here.

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