Whirlpool announces winner of school food waste project

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Whirlpool announces winner of school food waste project

Whirlpool announces winner of school food waste project

Whirlpool UK Appliances, parent company of Hotpoint, Indesit, Whirlpool and KitchenAid, has announced the winner of its ‘Moments Not To Be Wasted’ competition. Moments Not To Be Wasted is an educational project launched in 2020, that aims to teach children and their families about sustainable and ethical food consumption. The final part of the project was a competition, which saw St Ambrose RC Primary School in Manchester crowned as the overall winners. 

Moments Not To Be Wasted is designed to provide primary schools with the tools required to inspire children and their families to develop their relationships with food, including raising their awareness of food preservation, preparation and consumption. The project provided a range of digital and online-based learning materials, activities and games, all of which could still be accessed remotely while schools were closed and children were learning at home. 

Schools were invited to take part in the national Talent Kitchen competition, in which entrants were required to illustrate a waste-free kitchen, drawing upon the knowledge they had developed. The winning school, St Ambrose RC Primary School in Manchester, has been awarded the top prize, receiving kitchen appliances worth £1,000. 

Among the entries submitted by students from the winning school was a range of creative and informative posters, leaflets and infographics, pictured, all of which provided information and helpful facts on leading a healthy lifestyle, reducing food waste and being more sustainable.   

Ian Moverley, public affairs director, for Whirlpool UK said: “While all of the entries were informative, creative and displayed a clear understanding of the issues surrounding food waste and sustainability, the judges were particularly impressed with the submissions received from St Ambrose RC School. Demonstrating that they clearly engaged with the topics discussed throughout the project, students created a range of artistic, imaginative and highly informative submissions, indicating that they developed a deeper understanding of the importance of the issues that Moments Not To Be Wasted explores. Whirlpool UK is committed to promoting issues surrounding food waste and the environment, demonstrated by our commitment to developing appliances with innovative technologies that enable consumers to increase sustainability in their homes.”

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