Roman invests in testing room revamp as it transitions to UKCA Marking

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Roman invests in testing room revamp as it transitions to UKCA Marking

Roman invests in testing room revamp as it transitions to UKCA Marking

Shower designer and manufacturer Roman has revamped and expanded its testing room where all products are tested for performance and endurance to ensure conformity to CE Marking for Shower Enclosures, after it was introduced as a mandatory legal standard in 2013. The refurbishment has cost over £50,000 and has been greatly assisted by peer brands in the sector such as Hansgrohe.

Roman is planning the transition from CE Marking to UKCA Marking for all products placed on the Great Britain market, in preparation for the change in legislation as of the 1st January 2022. The CE Mark indicates that a product complies with UK regulation, but it is a self-certification scheme and it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure their products conform to the relevant regulations. The BS EN14428 Standard tests for functional requirements to assess whether a shower enclosure meets the EU Construction Products Regulation and can legitimately carry the UKCA/CE Mark.

There are three main tests that need to be carried out on a shower enclosure to ensure it conforms to the BS EN14428 Standard. A water retention test ensures there is no leakage of the products, a cycle rig tests the endurance by opening and closing the shower enclosure door, and a swing ball test uses different weighted balls of up to 50kg to make sure an enclosure is strong enough to withstand impact. All products require traceability to the date of manufacture. 

Manufacturers must make the declaration of performance available to customers and resellers such as plumbers who also have a legal responsibility to ensure the products they buy, stock, or specify conform to the standard. Best practice conformity includes CE/UKCA marking details within literature; individual product instructions manuals; and on a website so customers have quick and easy access to the information.

David Osborne, CEO at Roman, commented: “As the leading manufacturer in the sector, Roman takes testing and accreditation very seriously and it is at the heart of our provenance and trust. This fabulous new facility takes it to the next level and future proofs us for the next 10 years.”

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