Messe Frankfurt seeks 'clear signal' that trade fairs can resume

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Messe Frankfurt seeks 'clear signal' that trade fairs can resume

Messe Frankfurt seeks 'clear signal' that trade fairs can resume

At a meeting with Nicola Beer, VP of the European Parliament, Messe Frankfurt CEO Wolfgang Marzin emphasised that trade fairs must be allowed to resume so they can reprise their role in economic recovery and prosperity. 

“As mirrors of the economy, trade fairs have repeatedly been confronted with crises – now they are set to reprise their role as stabilisers of the economy. That is because trade fairs are where our oldest and most valuable currency is traded: trust,” said Marzin. He noted that although digital and hybrid event formats have once again demonstrated the flexibility and diversity of trade fairs during the crisis, “Lasting trust can only be created in person. Close partnerships cannot develop in a purely digital arena.” 

According to a study by the IFO research institute, events at Messe Frankfurt generated purchasing power amounting to €3.6 billion annually nationwide in the past, not to mention a total of €657 million in tax revenues. The cancellation and postponement of trade fairs also has a huge secondary impact, not only on hotels, restaurants and bars, but also on transport and service providers and retailers. According to the study, Messe Frankfurt’s events safeguard over 33,000 jobs throughout Germany. 

Messe Frankfurt believes that countries such as the UK, Spain and the Netherlands have demonstrated that they are ready for a full reopening of the trade fair industry on the basis of the experience gained in hygiene and testing concepts throughout Europe. Along with other organisers, it is looking for a 'clear signal' that trade fairs can be allowed to resume. 'Impressive safety and hygiene concepts, state-of-the-art ventilation systems, safely configured exhibition halls and new forms of visitor management guarantee maximum safety for trade fairs and congresses,' it added.

Pictured are Wolfgang Marzin, left, with Nicola Beer, right.

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