Andrew Small from Houzz: So what can Houzz Pro offer KBB retailers?

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Andrew Small from Houzz: So what can Houzz Pro offer KBB retailers?

Andrew Small from Houzz: So what can Houzz Pro offer KBB retailers?

Houzz Pro is an all-in-one software solution that promises to empower professionals to stand out, win clients and manage their projects efficiently and profitably. Here Andrew Small – MD international industry solutions for Houzz – explains how it can work for kitchen and bathroom retailers.

Q: Tell us about Houzz Pro – what is it and how did it come about?
A: Our goal has always been to make home renovation projects better for all parties involved, so developing Houzz Pro was the natural next step for Houzz. We heard from home renovation and design professionals that they were looking for a product to help them run their businesses more efficiently and profitably, and most importantly, one that is also easy to use and affordable. 

Much of the professional community on Houzz are small to medium-sized businesses, who often wear many different hats, from marketing and sales to finance and customer service, so the right business tools are vital. Houzz Pro was built specifically for renovation and design pros and the way they work. It acts as an extension of their team, helping pros to manage projects, stay organised and win new business, all in one place. 

Q: How does it work?
A: Houzz Pro is the only all-in-one business management and marketing solution for home renovation and design professionals, and it’s by far the best value out there. The software helps pros to manage their entire project lifecycle in one place, from attracting customers to building proposals, invoicing and tracking payments, to collaborating and communicating with clients. The tools are intuitive and easy to use, so pros can get started right away.

The software also helps pros deliver an outstanding client experience. Today, homeowners want transparency and the ease that comes with using digital tools. Via a client dashboard available within Houzz Pro, KBB pros are able to share the project timeline, communication history, plans and documents, making it easier for clients to access everything they need in one place. Pros can also quickly and easily communicate their vision with a client using Houzz Pro’s visualisation tools: Mood Boards and 3D Floor Planner.

Q: What's in it for kitchen and bathroom retailers and designers?
A: Houzz Pro tools help KBB retailers and designers be more resilient and competitive in today’s environment where it’s more important than ever to stay connected with clients, remain organised and maximise the profitability of jobs.

Homeowners today are online and they expect greater visibility and transparency from their pros. Through our research, we’ve seen how important online credibility is and the significance it holds when it comes to a homeowner's hiring decisions, with 66% of homeowners reporting that a pro’s online presence, along with the ability to offer remote collaboration tools, are major determining factors for them. Renovators also value communication, the speed of receiving a quote and easy to understand pricing when deciding to hire (58%, 39% and 35%). 

Q: What’s next for Houzz Pro?
A: We’re committed to the success of home professionals in the Houzz community, and listening to their input has always been core to Houzz. We will continue to invest in building software to help them grow and manage their businesses. 

Q: What's the next step for anyone who wants to get on board?
A: If you’re a kitchen or bathroom design business and you want to get started, simply head to to schedule a free demo. Subscription packages are priced to fit any budget or team, starting as low as £49 a month.

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