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CRL Quartz – creating a sociable kitchen at the heart of family life 

With a marble-inspired look that works in harmony with of-the-moment materials like wood and stone, CRL Quartz Savannah ...

KitchensProducts Mon 14th Feb 2022

Imitation game – How the latest marble-effect surfaces measure up

Proving to be one of the most sought after finishes for kitchen surfaces, the trend for marble has many consumers lustin...

KitchensFeatures Mon 31st Jan 2022

White Carrara brings light and luxury to kitchens and bathrooms

Ideal for filling kitchens with the feeling of spaciousness and light, CRL Quartz White Carrara is a marble-inspired sur...

KitchensProducts Tue 18th Jan 2022

How bold marble-effect tiles are having a moment in the bathroom

Marble in the bathroom has always been a guaranteed way to create a luxurious interior, but the high cost of the real th...

BathroomsFeatures Tue 27th Oct 2020