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Rangemaster publishes new granite sinks brochure

Rangemaster has unveiled its new Schock by Rangemaster brochure, which features a comprehensive look at the company’s ...

KitchensNews Mon 19th Jul 2021

Rangemaster introduces new Cristadur granite sink collection

The new Cristadur granite sinks collection from Schock by Rangemaster features a smooth patented finish in a total of si...

KitchensProducts Tue 19th Jan 2021

James Cunningham: Granite sinks are a must-have in post-COVID kitchens

James Cunningham, sales director at Rangemaster, explains why he believes that granite composite sinks are set to become...

OpinionPeople Thu 3rd Dec 2020

Rangemaster partners with Schock to launch new sink range

Rangemaster has launched the new 'Schock by Rangemaster' collection as part of an exclusive partnership with German sink...

KitchensNews Mon 21st Sep 2020