Water Regs UK urges installers to offer water efficiency advice

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Water Regs UK urges installers to offer water efficiency advice

Water Regs UK urges installers to offer water efficiency advice

Water Regs UK is reminding installers to keep water efficiency front of mind when advising homeowners about bathroom makeovers.

At the turn of the year, almost one in six homeowners said they were planning some kind of home improvement in 2021. As many of those plans will include a bathroom upgrade, Water Regs UK says it sees that as an opportunity to remind homeowners about water efficiency.

A Water Regs UK study revealed that Brits believe the average person uses 72 litres of water per day, which is half the actual amount used by the average person. Added to that, Water Regs UK research showed that many people are unaware of many products and measures that exist to help them save water. With this in mind, Water Regs UK says it is encouraging trades professionals to talk to their customers about the steps that can help reduce the amount of water wasted around the home. 

As part of the Government’s 25-Year Environment Plan to reduce personal water consumption, it has recently been announced that mandatory water efficiency labels are set to be introduced in the UK. The labels are being introduced in a bid to inform consumers on water efficiency, while encouraging them to reduce water waste. Water Regs UK says they will also be another prompt for installers to offer customers the best possible advice about water efficiency when specifying products for a bathroom upgrade. 

Julie Spinks, MD of Water Regs UK, pictured, commented: “The introduction of mandatory water efficiency labels is a step in the right direction as it will give consumers better information to decide which products to buy and contribute to reducing the amount of water we waste as a nation. 

“Any water label should also confirm that the product has been tested to show they are of suitable quality and standard. A product that is water efficient but then leaks would defeat the purpose of the label. Plumbers and Installers play a crucial role in helping people make educated choices when it comes to choosing the right products for their bathroom and, with 2021 being such a big year for home improvements, that advice is more important than ever before.”

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