Kaldewei launches new Superplan Zero enamelled shower surface

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Kaldewei launches new Superplan Zero enamelled shower surface

Kaldewei launches new Superplan Zero enamelled shower surface

The Superplan Zero is the latest product from Kaldewei, created for the brand by the Berlin designer Werner Aisslinger. The enamelled shower surface is described as a 'sustainable aesthetic floor enhancement', which is installed at floor level to become part of the bathroom floor. Because of the narrow edges it is possible to tile directly up to the shower edge. The waste is placed close to the wall so that standing comfortably and moving safely on the Superplan Zero is guaranteed, with the surface easily accessed from three sides, so the user doesn't have to step up or into the surface. 

The base is sustainable, long-lasting and 100% recyclable steel enamel. The glass surface is applied to the steel using a special process to ensure a luxurious finish. Kaldewei says it is the only steel enamel manufacturer that produces the enamel, i.e. the basic substance for the glass coating, in-house and using a secret formulation. 

There are over 50 different dimensions from 70cm to 180cm, diverse surface variations and a wide range of colours. The shower surface is available with the anti-slip surface finish Secure Plus, upon request, and is compatible with all Kaldewei's sealing sets, assembly systems and waste fittings. 

To launch Superplan Zero, the well-known musician and photographer Bryan Adams styled the new shower surface with dedication and perfection. Working with leading choreographers and dancers they set and shot six different motifs that stimulate the imagination. The aesthetic, powerful movements of ballet dancers are captured on a “stage” made of precious steel enamel, bringing the sensual serenity of the shower moment to the fore. 

“It was a great pleasure to collaborate again with Kaldewei, where I captured the elegance of ballet dancers on a unique stage,” said photographer and musician Bryan Adams. 

Dancer Tatiana Martinez and the Superplan Zero, photographed by Bryan Adams

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