Fisher & Paykel adds first Induction Hob with Integrated Ventilation

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Fisher & Paykel adds first Induction Hob with Integrated Ventilation

Fisher & Paykel adds first Induction Hob with Integrated Ventilation

The newest addition to the Fisher & Paykel appliance range is the brand’s first Induction Hob with Integrated Ventilation, which combines powerful downdraft extraction performance with unobtrusive noise, making it ideal for a social kitchen space. 

The 83cm induction hob features four cooking zones, including pairing of two zones to create a SmartZone, and has nine fan speeds plus boost for user flexibility. The cooktop’s single surface is said to deliver unparalleled ease of cleaning, and its straightforward dishwasher-safe grease filter makes cleaning any spills painless. The independent zone timer for every cooking vessel ensures food will never overcook or burn, while intuitive touch controls react immediately so the user can go from a boil to a simmer in seconds. 

Alex van Vliet, market product manager for Fisher & Paykel, said: "Over the last few years, we have seen a shift towards open-plan and multi-use designs. Customers are looking for flexibility in their spaces now more than ever. With the kitchen becoming the social hub of the house, as a place for work, learning, family meals and entertaining, it is imperative that the space not only works functionally but on an aesthetic level, with clean lines and hidden appliances. Because of this, we have introduced our brand new induction hob with integrated ventilation into the UK market and we see venting hobs becoming much more popular over the next two to three years. This product offers so much flexibility since the cooktop can be positioned almost anywhere in the kitchen, everything you need is within one place and the compact design allows more counterspace for prepping food."

The new Induction Hob with Integrated Ventilation is available as a ducted model (CID834DTB4) or with a recirculation filter so that heated or air-conditioned air is not ducted out of the house (CID834RDTB4).

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