Indesit study highlights gender inequality with household chores

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Indesit study highlights gender inequality with household chores

Indesit study highlights gender inequality with household chores

As part of its #DoItTogether campaign, Indesit conducted a study with 2,000 people to dig deeper into the subject of gender roles when it comes to tackling the household chores. The campaign encourages chore collaboration at home so that families have more time to spend together doing the things they love.

Indesit found that, despite 74% believing traditional gendered roles to be totally outdated, six in 10 Brits admit that they and their partner still have ‘set’ chores they each tend to look after, with women feeling they take on the main share. 

The study also found that there is an even greater discrepancy with the hidden ‘emotional labour’ associated with household tasks, which includes the planning, thinking about, preparing, anticipating, and keeping track of what needs to be done. It found that 49% of women report spending more time thinking about chores, whereas men are more likely to carry out a task if it visibly needs to be done (49%).

The data reveals that men are still in charge of taking out the bins and clearing out the drains, while women take charge of the washing up, laundry and cleaning the toilet. While many households try to allocate tasks equally, with six in 10 men feeling that it is evenly split, a large percentage of women (72%) believe that they still bear the brunt of most household chores as opposed to only 35% of men.

Charmaine Warner, Indesit brand manager, said: “Even though ‘pink and blue’ jobs seem like an outdated concept, it does appear that these clichés are still around in our society, without us really noticing. Indesit champions gender equality in the home, and with our innovative Push&Go technology, doing tasks together in the household has never been easier, helping address the imbalance in chore sharing which is being faced in many homes.”

Indesit says it will be working with a variety of social media influencers to increase awareness of its #DoItTogether campaign and time-saving appliances. Family bloggers and content creators will be putting Indesit appliances through their paces, getting family members involved with household tasks.

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