Rotpunkt unveils new Real Wood Nature door solution

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Rotpunkt unveils new Real Wood Nature door solution

Rotpunkt unveils new Real Wood Nature door solution

German kitchen furniture manufacturer Rotpunkt has updated its popular Black Line door series with the launch of seven solid oak finishes, with the first being Real Wood Nature – a solid oak hybrid door solution that combines real wood veneer alongside matt black zero-joint edging, known as Black Line.

This industrial-style kitchen concept also features the newly launched New York glass furniture: a brand-new collection of glass-fronted storage by Rotpunkt, with 20mm or 50mm black framed Crittall-style door and drawer units designed with partitioned safety glass.   

“By seamlessly pairing matt black design elements with timber finishes and industrial-style hardware like exposed ductwork and suspended pendent lights, you will be able to give a modern perspective on a classic wood kitchen. Real Wood Nature is made of solid wood and presents nature's best imperfections with an uneven surface texture characterised by wild knots and deep wood grain,” said Matt Phillips, head of UK operations at Rotpunkt.

The new real-wood finish is also available across the company’s full-height one-piece doors that measure 2340mm high, seen here with new cast iron vertical black handles that run end-to-end.

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