Bucks New University student secures funding to complete degree

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Bucks New University student secures funding to complete degree

Bucks New University student secures funding to complete degree

The KBSA has helped a third-year student complete her final year of the Foundation Degree in Kitchen Design at Buckinghamshire New University (BNU), with the support of corporate member Quooker. 

Student Denise Pinnegar, pictured, was funded by The Kitchen Education Trust (TKET) for her second year, but was unable to secure the funding required for the third year. She contacted the KBSA as they have set aside funds to award to students at BNU but they were unable to offer funds because she is located in the Republic of Ireland, which is outside the remit of the KBSA. 

The KBSA contacted several corporate members and Quooker responded straight away, offering to provide the financial support that Pinnegar requires to complete her degree. 

Stephen Johnson, M,D, at Quooker, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to support Denise and ensure she can complete her course. The Foundation Degree in Kitchen Design is a well-regarded professional qualification for our industry, which provides students with a fantastic education. We are proud to be playing a part in the continuing education of designers and hope that others in the industry will join us in supporting others."

The Kitchen Design course leader at BNU, Jayne Hall Cunnick, said: "I continue to be overwhelmed with the amazing goodwill and industry support we have received for our kitchen design degrees. We received a commendation during our recent academic validation panel for our industry engagement within the courses, and without the support we receive from the KBSA and the wider industry such as Quooker, Symphony Group and many others, we would not be able to provide such a comprehensive balance of knowledge and expertise for our students. The students benefit greatly from both the intellectual generosity and the financial support from industry and long may it continue." 

Other students wishing to apply for a bursary can contact the KBSA for further information. 

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