CIH invests in new warehouse as part of distribution improvements

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CIH invests in new warehouse as part of distribution improvements

CIH invests in new warehouse as part of distribution improvements

Combined Independents (Holdings) Ltd (CIH), part of Euronics, Europe’s largest electrical buying organisation, has announced the opening of a new 125,000sq ft warehouse in Tankersley, South Yorkshire, to facilitate product range growth and provide better stock availability for its members.

The brand-new facility is owned by CIH and has been completely fitted out in readiness for the start of operations from Monday 18th October. It will replace the company’s smaller rented distribution facility for Northern members, which was located in Preston, Lancashire. The investment signals a move to an even 50:50 distribution arrangement, with the North now served by the new Tankersley warehouse, while members in the South continue to be supplied by the existing Andover facility at the CIH head office. According to CIH, this will make the stockholding and delivery process more efficient and reliable for its members, wherever they are in the country.

“This is a significant investment for CIH on behalf of its members,” commented CIH chairman Steve Scogings. “During the next few months and in the years ahead, we are confident that it will be worth its weight in gold. It gives us the space to buy and hold more stock of our key product lines, which will help members serve their customers better – especially as our market continues to wrestle with product supply issues, along with other sectors of industry.”

As a result of the new warehouse investment in Tankersley, CIH has also appointed a new delivery partner, DX, who will serve Northern members and take over from the current provider, Panther. This change is intended to ensure that CIH can streamline delivery patterns and ensure high standards of cost-efficient service to its members going forward. 

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