UWLA urges industry to support Water Matters message ahead of COP26

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UWLA urges industry to support Water Matters message ahead of COP26

UWLA urges industry to support Water Matters message ahead of COP26

The Unified Water Label Association, (UWLA) has urged the bathroom industry to come together and support its Water Matters message, as the United Nations prepare to come together at COP26 in Glasgow at the end of this month (31st October).

More than 190 world leaders are expected at COP26, along with tens of thousands of negotiators, government representatives, businesses and citizens for 12 days of talks. It is widely regarded as, not just another international summit, but one at which there will be real and tangible commitments on how to tackle climate change. They have identified four goals that cover; securing global net zero by mid-century and keeping 1.5 degrees within reach, adapting to protect communities and natural habitats, mobilising finance and working together.

UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill said: “We welcome the fourth key aim for COP26, which is to work together to deliver results. The UN nations have realised that the only way to turn ambitions into actions is collaboration and partnership. This is also a central ethos for the UWLA’s Water Matters campaign. We want everyone to play their part to reduce CO2 by helping people understand the link between using water, energy and carbon wisely.

“Bathroom products are at the heart of water use in the home as over 60% of water used in the domestic environment is used in the bathroom, and 25% of energy used in the home is associated with heating hot water, with 18% of the UK carbon emissions emanating from the home. 

“We have a fantastic range of products available that carry the Unified Water Label. These are innovative products that deliver good performance but use less water and energy. We now need to promote these products more, make the label visible and help consumers make more informed choices, which will result in behaviour change for the benefit of the planet. Like the UN nations at COP26, we have to realise that the time for talking is over, we have to work together to take action and facilitate change."

You can find out more about the Water Matters campaign and the Unified Water Label here.

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