Caesarstone releases first ESG report for greener future

IndustryNews Tue 26th Oct 2021 by KBBFocus

Caesarstone releases first ESG report for greener future

Caesarstone releases first ESG report for greener future

Caesarstone has released its first Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) Report, which was created according to GRI, SASB and UN SDGs standards. 

The first report of its kind from the global surfaces brand, it highlights the company’s ongoing efforts to take action on a range of environmental and social topics, showcasing its commitment to creating a greener and safer future for its employees, customers, partners and communities. According to the company, sustainability is a natural extension of its values, and the report emphasises the areas in which the company plans to take further action. 

Caesarstone’s ESG strategy is based on four main pillars: sustainable products; environmentally responsible production; health and safety; and social responsibility.

“At Caesarstone, we are privileged to be part of everyday life in millions of homes worldwide; that is why we are committed to sustainability through continued innovation of our products and greener production processes, while remaining focussed on a value chain built on environmental, health and safety practices. Our aim is to inspire a journey of partnership, creativity and to celebrate Life in Stone”, said Yuval Dagim, CEO, pictured. “We are happy with our ESG accomplishments to date and are pleased to have built the framework to achieve our new ESG goals and create a more sustainable future for our company. We believe our success is directly related to how well we take care of our clients, our employees, and our communities.” 

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