How Multiliving Scavolini Store gave a small space a cool vintage vibe

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How Multiliving Scavolini Store gave a small space a cool vintage vibe

How Multiliving Scavolini Store gave a small space a cool vintage vibe

Designer Giulio Bellan of Multiliving Scavolini Store, West Hampstead, reveals how he overcame the challenges of a quirky space to create a happy hub for this family home.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the family who live here
A: A young couple in their mid 30s live here with their two young children. He is Italian and works for the family business that has branches in many countries. She is an American journalist from the East coast. The couple love to cook and host gatherings for family and friends. They share a passion for art and design, which was put to the test when they project managed the refurbishment and decoration of their four-bedroom house. The result is stunning!

Q: What did your clients want initially – and did this idea evolve?
A: Originally, the kitchen was to take its cue from the professional kitchen with a very masculine, austere look. My clients were particularly interested in Scavolini’s MIA collection, designed in collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Carlo Cracco. MIA brings many of the elements of the professional kitchen into the home. However, once the couple visited our north London showroom and saw more of what we offer, they fell in love with Diesel Open Workshop, a collaboration between Scavolini and lifestyle brand Diesel. Exuding a strong industrial style underpinned by a vintage vibe, Diesel Open Workshop was exactly what they had in mind.

Q: Please describe the space and any challenges
A: The kitchen is located in the corner of the living-dining room and separated by a step, which helps to create a defined cooking area without sacrificing the feeling of openness. A major challenge was that the kitchen is part of an extension, with elements of the supporting structure encroaching on the space. Our mission was to make these pillars and beams look as though they are a conscious design choice, rather than obstacles to the development of the project.

Q: Can you talk about the finishes you used?
A: All the cabinets are finished in Diesel’s trademark Mineral Green, a soothing colour with strong ties to nature. To inject an element of warmth, we punctuated the space with beautiful bronze detailing (seen on the cabinet handles, frames and plinths). Our clients wanted a mix of open shelving and wall cupboards. Conscious that wall cupboards can sometimes look a little bulky, we lightened the look with ribbed glass.    

Q: What do you particularly like about this kitchen and why?
A: I love the rich mix of materials, from the ribbed glass doors to the Terrazzo-style worktop. In fact, when you look at this kitchen, there are lots of details that demand closer inspection. These are offset by the simplicity of the colour palette, resulting in a composition that perfectly complements the space without overwhelming it.

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