BC Designs launches Green Policy in 'important milestone'

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BC Designs launches Green Policy in 'important milestone'

BC Designs launches Green Policy in 'important milestone'

Bathroom manufacturer BC Designs has launched a new Green Policy, which aims to 'encourage and establish a culture of sustainable development and positive environmental impact' for the company. 

The policy, which covers areas such as waste, renewable energy, water, transport and environmental development, is said to be a key development that will help BC Designs reach its target of being carbon neutral by 2025. The document also outlines ways in which every member of staff can have a positive impact on the environment while working. 

To ensure the policy is benefitting both the company and employees, the management says it will conduct regular working groups to check the progress of its key deliverables outlined in the policy. 

Darren Allison, pictured, MD at BC Designs, said: “BC Designs' Green Policy is an important milestone for us as it confirms our commitment to the environment to both our customers and our staff. This will sit alongside our carbon footprint analysis work, which is underway to establish how we can reduce our carbon impact in the first instance. What is really important is that we monitor both pieces of work on a bi-monthly basis to certify that they are delivering what they need to.”

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