Silestone launches 'The Metamorphosis' campaign with Cindy Crawford

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Silestone launches 'The Metamorphosis' campaign with Cindy Crawford

Silestone launches 'The Metamorphosis' campaign with Cindy Crawford

Global hybrid mineral surface brand Silestone by Cosentino has launched its third campaign starring international fashion icon Cindy Crawford. Entitled 'The Metamorphosis', the campaign is said to represent the internal and external transformation that the Silestone brand is undergoing with the launch of its pioneering HybriQ+ technology, a revolution for the industry thanks to its sustainability credentials which Cosentino says demonstrates its commitment to the environment.

Silestone's new corporate image is intended to promote values such as quality, personality, innovation, responsibility and humanity, in a bid to inspire further communication and engagement with new generations. 'The Metamorphosis' also offers a small preview of the recently launched Silestone Ethereal collection, a series of marble-look surfaces inspired by the natural beauty of the sky.

Since the collaboration between Silestone and Cindy Crawford began in 2017, the brand’s campaigns with her have focussed on producing print creatives that have been published in the world’s most renowned design and lifestyle magazines. 

Eduardo Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino North America and VP of global sales said: “Our partnership with Cindy Crawford has always highlighted the connection between the world of fashion and interior design and decoration. This new campaign is a continuation of this goal, told in a unique way and through a truly captivating and visually stunning narrative.”

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