Crown Imperial launch new marketing asset

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Crown Imperial launch new marketing asset  Sponsored

Crown Imperial launch new marketing asset

Creating beautiful furniture for over 75 years, British manufacturer Crown Imperial is synonymous with high quality design and product innovation.  Its Painted Fusions collection offer retailers 22 stunning shades, including the new additions of Mint, Ocean Green, Sage and Yellow Sun. As part of the new colour launch, Crown is delighted to showcase its new Painted Fusions swatch, a perfect way to present to customers an inspirational palette of colour choices.

Designed for use in the showroom or on a client visit, the handy sized swatch helps customers finalise their chosen painted colour, as well as making it easier to select complementary worktops, flooring, and handles. Designers have access to a variety of modern and classic Painted Fusions kitchen styles including Ashton, Aspen, Cotswood, Midsomer and Rimano ranges.  01227 742424.

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