New AMDEA website section helps consumers make sustainable choices

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New AMDEA website section helps consumers make sustainable choices

New AMDEA website section helps consumers make sustainable choices

Following a recent survey by the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA), the association has launched a new sustainability section on its website to explain to householders the environmental considerations that lie behind each phase in the life cycle of their fridge or washing machine. The content aims, over time, to clarify how essential appliances fit in with the evolving circular economy, their potential contribution to the 1.5C climate target and the net-zero home.

The survey highlighted how almost three quarters (74%) of people believe sustainability means ensuring new products they buy are made using carbon neutral processes. Yet nearly two thirds (61%) of homeowners are indifferent to a manufacturer’s environmental credentials when making a purchase. Householders are unaware of the strides made by the industry towards sustainability. Just under half (48%) believe manufacturers have made some progress, 31% do not think they have made much or any at all and the remaining 20% don’t know or are unaware the information is available.

“For people to make the right choices now and for the future, they need to understand how their buying choices will affect our planet. Throughout their operations, appliance manufacturers are striving for carbon neutrality, making great advances towards sustainability, and we think it will help householders to know more about this to make informed choices,” said AMDEA, CEO, Paul Hide.

The new sustainability section puts into context the advances made using a ‘circular economy’ navigation. Here, by clicking on each phase of an appliance’s life cycle, visitors can find out more about progress towards carbon neutrality. 

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