InSinkErator® food waste disposers – a sustainable solution

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InSinkErator® food waste disposers – a sustainable solution  Sponsored

InSinkErator® food waste disposers – a sustainable solution

Sustainability continues to be an important factor when consumers are considering what products to invest in for their homes and the recent United Nations COP26 conference reinforced the need for us all to take action to combat climate change. InSinkErator’s Anne Kaarlela talks us through its range of food waste disposers and the associated benefits, offering retailers a simple and sustainable solution to help their customers reduce their environmental impact. 

Anne Kaarlela, Marketing Communications and Customer Service Manager, Europe and Russia

For context, the UK churns out 15 million tonnes of food waste a year, with seven million tonnes generated by households*, resulting in a huge strain on landfill sites. Furthermore, rotting food waste in landfill emits 21 million tonnes of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere every year**, causing further damage to the environment.

As the inventor and global leader of food waste disposers, InSinkErator® has a range of models to suit every household, lifestyle and budget. The exclusive InSinkErator® Showroom Collection boasts three premium models, the compact E75 food waste disposer is ideal for light use, the Evolution 150 for regular use and the top-of-the-range Evolution 250 is designed for large families. 

Sustainable and hygienic benefits 
InSinkErator® is an active campaigner of the prevention of food waste, encouraging the disposal of food waste sustainably and advises composting wherever possible. Where this option is not feasible, an InSinkErator® food waste disposer is the ideal alternative for diverting food waste from ending up in landfill.

InSinkErator® food waste disposers safely grind inedible food waste, such as vegetable peelings, with ease. The food waste particles are then rinsed down the drain, through the standard plumbing, which is much more hygienic than leaving food waste to rot in the kitchen bin. 

Not only does this offer an alternative to traditional disposal methods, but by reducing food waste to landfill sites, it also helps to reduce greenhouse gases and the household’s carbon footprint. In addition, and where there is an anaerobic digester, within the sewerage system, the nutrients from the food waste can be recovered and turned into biogas and fertiliser, to complete the circular economy.

The kitchen is one of the most sociable areas of the home and is increasingly incorporated into the design of a property’s living area. Regardless of the kitchen style or design, a food waste disposer can be neatly hidden under the sink, significantly reducing the amount of food waste in the kitchen bin, as well as eliminating any unwelcome interruptions from stale and gone-off food odours. 

Retailer advice
InSinkErator® food waste disposers provide a great opportunity to independent kitchen specialists and are an easy add-on to any sink, furniture or kitchen sale, generating valuable additional turnover. One of the most common mistakes when specifying a food waste disposer is not specifying one at all; not encouraging or promoting sales is both an opportunity and margin missed. 

At InSinkErator®, we encourage retailers to invest in working display models to enable product demonstrations to take place in their showroom. The customer can then see how easy and safe an InSinkErator® food waste disposer is to use and that they can de-clutter their kitchen by eliminating the need for a food waste bin. Banana skins and vegetable peelings are perfect for conducting product demonstrations. 

In May 2021, the Government announced that by 2023, every UK household will receive separate weekly food waste collections***. Therefore, kitchen specialists may witness an increase in requests for a food waste solution. For disposing of food waste safely and hygienically, why not specify a food waste disposer rather than a food waste caddy? It fits neatly under the sink, out of sight, saving the need to specify multiple bins and separate food waste compartments. 

Retailer contact details: InSinkErator®
T: 01923 297880

** COP21: Drone to monitor rubbish dump gases

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