Martin Walker: Retailers must join in getting the green message across

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Martin Walker: Retailers must join in getting the green message across

Martin Walker: Retailers must join in getting the green message across

Design is often at the forefront of consumers’ minds when embarking on a new bathroom project, however, 2022 will see a new trend emerge among environmentally savvy homeowners – an awareness of the growing importance of sustainable products. Martin Walker, CEO for shower, tap and valve manufacturer Methven, discusses how a collaborative effort between retailers and manufacturers is the way forward for creating greener bathrooms. 

"Sustainability is understandably high on homeowners’ agenda, with rising energy bills and household expenses prompting consumers to look for energy-efficient products to help save money. However, water efficiency is often one area that is overlooked. 

"Due to climate change and population growth, the UK is set to face severe water shortages, however, recent research by the Consumer Council for Water has revealed that half of those surveyed believe that water resources are plentiful. It’s not hard to see why people would think that, as the UK is surrounded by water, however, out of all the water on the planet there is only 1% of accessible fresh water for us to use. 

"As a result, the Environment Agency is urging homeowners to reduce their water usage by 40 litres or more per person per day and by taking simple measures in the home this can easily be achieved. According to Waterwise, the highest usage of water consumption in the home is in the bathroom, which equates to around 34%. By taking simple measures, households can conserve both water and money. For example, Waterwise estimates that by switching to an efficient showerhead, it can reduce household bills by up to £120 per year.

"This is where retailers can really support their customers in making informed decisions about the products they are purchasing. Previously, some water-efficient showerheads, particularly entry level, were commonly constructed of white plastic and gained a negative reputation with customers due to having poor performance and forcing a compromise on the overall bathroom aesthetic. 

However, manufacturers, such as Methven, have introduced advancements in showering technology that not only offers high-quality, visually appealing solutions but provides the lowest flow rates possible. 

"That’s why a collaborative approach between manufacturers and retailers is the way forward in supporting customers on their buying journey and increasing their understanding of sourcing energy-efficient products. Methven has worked with retailers previously to provide eye-catching POS around the benefits of its patented technology and how that equates to water usage in comparison to standard showerheads. Showcasing visual graphics in this way provides a stark demonstration of the realities of how much water is used in the bathroom in a way consumers can quantify. 

"As a manufacturer, Methven is an affiliate of Waterwise, which is an independent NGO focused on reducing water consumption. Through its affiliation, it supports its work in challenging Government and industries to be more innovative in its drive to be more water efficient. In addition, Methven is a member of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, ensuring the industry has a recognised voice with the UK Government, industry regulators and European standards bodies. These partnerships help ensure Methven is an authoritative and trusted leader within the sustainability arena for both retailers to partner with and consumers to trust. 

"By working together, manufacturers and retailers can support homeowners in not only choosing the right solution for their bathroom design, but also creating the right combination of energy efficiency and performance to protect the planet and save on their household bills."

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