Villeroy & Boch introduces new water-saving toilet flush

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Villeroy & Boch introduces new water-saving toilet flush

Villeroy & Boch introduces new water-saving toilet flush

The new TwistFlush toilet flush from Villeroy & Boch is said to deliver hygienic flushing results as well as being water efficient. The company says that the patent-pending TwistFlush technology uses the physical force of a controlled water vortex, which flushes away almost all of the contents of the toilet bowl while carrying waste away. In turn, TwistFlush uses the flush water more efficiently and saves water every time the flush is activated. 

A TwistFlush toilet requires 4.5 litres for a large flush and a 3 litres for a small one. The patent-pending flushing technology exceeds European EN 997 standard requirements and the controlled water vortex generates a strong pull in a conic bowl. 

The bowl features steep and smooth walls designed to make it difficult for dirt to stick. The rimless shape also helps make it easy to clean, and the innovative CeramicPlus and AntiBac materials reduce bacterial growth by 99.9%. 

The controlled vortex power deploys the flushing water exactly where it is needed so that spray is prevented and the formation of aerosols is significantly reduced. Another advantage is that TwistFlush is also said to be quieter than a standard flush.

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