Trend-Monitor launches new insight management service

IndustryNews Mon 26th Oct 2020 by KBBFocus

Trend-Monitor launches new insight management service

Trend-Monitor launches new insight management service

Consumer insight, trend analysis and market intelligence provider Trend-Monitor has announced the launch of a new insight management service specifically tailored to the UK home improvement sector. Trend-Monitor says that the service is cost-effective and is aimed at 'forward-thinking business leaders' to enable them to start generating actionable insights from data that's already available to them.

Using a systemised approach to insight management, the Trend-Monitor four-stage process checks data integrity, filters out what isn't relevant, fills information gaps, and joins the dots between internal and external data assets by applying a 'converged analysis system'. 

“We found that businesses are often overwhelmed by the amount of data available to them, as well as the different sources and formats," said Jane Blakeborough, research director at Trend-Monitor. "It can be confusing to know what to look for and what to ignore, and time-consuming to bring it all together into an holistic programme of insights that are relevant to a specific target market and business strategy.

“We offer a customised insight service with the benefit of our industry knowledge and analytics expertise at a fraction of the cost it would be to employ someone in-house to run an insights programme,” she added.

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