Fisher & Paykel unveils its first full surface induction hob

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Fisher & Paykel unveils its first full surface induction hob

Fisher & Paykel unveils its first full surface induction hob

Fisher & Paykel has released its first full surface induction hob, which offers the flexibility to cook anywhere on the cooktop by eliminating heated zones. This new addition to Fisher & Paykel’s range of cooking appliances features a large cooking surface, without boundaries, that gives the user the freedom to place pots and pans anywhere on the cooktop.

Jo Jackson, product manager for Fisher & Paykel, commented on the recent launch: "We strive to create appliances that fit into our customers’ lives and not the other way around. By anticipating the versatility in how appliances are used, we can cater for whatever our customers are looking for and give them the freedom to cook, socialise and entertain whilst unrestricted by the potential limitations of their appliances. The Full Surface Induction Hob truly responds to this growing demand for flexibility in the kitchen that we have seen develop over the past few years and allows the customer to make full use of the entire surface in whatever way suits their current culinary undertaking."

Offering the ability to place up to six pots or pans of any shape or size anywhere within the large cooking surface, there is no limit to the dishes customers can create. However, users can still enjoy precise cooking by using the 7” touchscreen display to individually adjust the power to each pot. Additionally, if a pot is moved, the display will automatically adjust to show its new location no matter where it is placed on the surface. 

Co-ordinating with the seamless aesthetic of the rest of the Fisher & Paykel appliance family, the flat and easy-to-clean glass surface of the hob is said to maintain a minimal style that fits with any kitchen. It can be installed raised or flush and features a sleek, single ceramic glass surface with intuitive touchscreen controls.

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