Fluidmaster's Adrian Hibbert: The 5 key benefits of touchless flushing

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Fluidmaster's Adrian Hibbert: The 5 key benefits of touchless flushing

Fluidmaster's Adrian Hibbert: The 5 key benefits of touchless flushing

Smart flush technology has been increasingly popular in public and commercial washrooms for many years, but in the light of recent advancements, Fluidmaster’s commercial specification manager Adrian Hibbert looks at the 5 main benefits of touchless flushing compared to manual use. 

1. Hygiene
As the most widely recognised feature, a smart or touchless flush is an essential part of maintaining superior hygiene standards in a washroom or bathroom. No-touch technology allows the toilet flush to be triggered often by the movement of a hand, or in the case of some more advanced flushing panels, simply by the movement of the user walking away. Primarily, this kind of technology stops the spread of bacteria from the toilet flush itself being transferred to the hands of the user and spread further throughout the washroom or bathroom; something which has become more important than ever before in recent times. 

2. Water saving
Offering the most advanced form of modern flushing technology, a smart flush can offer water-efficient flushing, saving money on metred water bills and making a difference to the environment by lessening the demand for water. With a smart dual flush, using either 3 or 6 litres, it’s possible to specify a system that activates only when needed; ensuring optimal water use whether installed in a busy public washroom or in a home. A clean toilet, without any wasted water. 

3. Overflow Prevention
Touchless flushing technology can offer peace of mind from the issues associated with blocked and overflowing toilets. For example, Fluidmaster’s IPEE Spectre smart flush uses a new, innovative form of sensor technology to ensure that the toilet is flushed after every use. In addition, incorporating overflow prevention technology, ensures that even in the event of a blockage the smart sensor will enable the toilet to shut down, ensuring that it will not overspill or flood. This is an ideal option to avoid maintenance issues and sustain the hygiene of the toilet area, whether in a commercial or residential installation. 

4. Stylish design
In the case of smart-flushing technology, the benefits of the flush are concealed behind the flush plate. Incorporating a sleek, modern, and attractive control panel, smart flushes can offer a streamlined and contemporary design, ideal for a modern bathroom scheme. Because flushing is instigated by the infra-red, no-touch technology, there is no need for buttons or levers, and a high-tech, modern aesthetic is easily achievable. Look out for stylish, flush plates available in coloured glass or a variety of metal finishes to offer personalisation and enhance the surroundings or blend into the tiling, depending on the desired design scheme. 

5. App-controlled settings
For maximum adjustability with minimum hassle, choosing a flushing system that can be controlled remotely by an app is an ideal option. Opting for a modern flushing solution will allow you to wirelessly control toilet flush settings using an Android or Apple app via a tablet or smartphone. App-controlled functionalities can include setting or adjusting the interval time for flushing, or even changing the colour of the RGB LED lights within the sensor plate. 

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