Grohe launches new RIBA-approved CPD module with sustainability focus

IndustryNews Thu 27th Jan 2022 by KBBFocus

Grohe launches new RIBA-approved CPD module with sustainability focus

Grohe launches new RIBA-approved CPD module with sustainability focus

Grohe has introduced its first Cradle to Cradle CPD as its fourth RIBA-approved module. With an ever-increasing focus on sustainability in the industry, the module aims to inspire and motivate architects, designers, specifiers and housebuilders to learn more about the benefits of developing a Cradle to Cradle (C2C) strategy and designing with the future in mind. 

The training seminar is the first on RIBA’s CPD database to explore circularity in the bathroom and kitchen and also focusses on the benefits and processes behind introducing a C2C programme. 

As one of Germany’s top three sustainable companies and having devised its own range of C2C products where each component can be broken down and re-used endlessly in other products, the company says it will be providing valuable insight into how kitchens and bathrooms can contribute to the circular economy. 

The module will uncover how companies can implement a C2C strategy – from integrating it across all areas of the business and expanding it to the supply chain, to outlining company objectives and policies with long term planning in place. The seminar will also investigate how C2C design can be considered in everything from a biometric approach to product design to applications in industrial design and manufacturing. 

Contributing to the circular economy and becoming C2C certified enables building owners, architects and designers to be recognised for supporting circular building, particularly in a time where sustainability is paramount, creates higher property value and offers local and regional government tax benefits. 

Karl Lennon, leader projects channel – A&D, Lixil EMENA, said: “Creating a circular economy has been of increasing importance for a number of years and the pandemic has highlighted the need even further. With this module, we’re hoping to encourage more individuals and companies within the building industry to reconsider processes and systems – particularly when designing bathrooms and kitchens.” 

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