Showerwall to unveil green credentials at KBB Birmingham 2022

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Showerwall to unveil green credentials at KBB Birmingham 2022

Showerwall to unveil green credentials at KBB Birmingham 2022

Showerwall has announced that it will be unveiling its Environmental Story at KBB Birmingham 2022, where it will be bringing together all its sustainable practices to showcase to retailers, installers and consumers the work it has undertaken to ensure its manufacturing process and ways of working are environmentally conscious. 

As part of its commitment, all Showerwall’s panels are manufactured in the UK, meaning less fuel is used to transport materials, and as its POS is made within the same factory this helps to reduce its carbon footprint when getting the whole package out to the customer. In addition, Showerwall’s Laminate panels are manufactured using FSC certified core boards, guaranteeing that the timber used is harvested from responsibly managed forests. By purchasing a product with such certification, it supports sustainable forest management worldwide.

Steph Harris, product manager for Showerwall, said: “We have been committed to running a sustainable business and manufacturing model for many years, but it isn’t something we have always widely shared. With our customers and consumers becoming more environmentally focussed, we felt it was important to create our Environmental Story to help lead the way and highlight best practice in the fight against climate change.”

Showerwall’s manufacturing facilities are said to encompass many sustainable practices including using forklifts that are powered by electricity, while the pallets used for its Laminate collection are recycled and used to redistribute the finished product, and all the cardboard used for packaging is fully recyclable.

Harris added: “We’ve also invested in new printing equipment, for example our new acrylic printer no longer uses UV ink, which required additional ventilation and safety equipment, so it no longer releases odour and airborne chemicals into the atmosphere. Also, the bonding press we use to manufacture our Laminate panels is a cold press, which uses less energy compared to other products that use a hot press or glue line.

“It’s not just our manufacturing processes but also our office space uses sustainable technology, we are Care4 building and use solar panels, LED and Passive Lighting, electric charging points and use green energy. We’ve still got even more plans in place to continue on our environmental mission but we’re proud of what we have achieved so far.”


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