Blanco launches EVOL-S Pro 4-in-1 tap in Matt Black finish

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Blanco launches EVOL-S Pro 4-in-1 tap in Matt Black finish

Blanco launches EVOL-S Pro 4-in-1 tap in Matt Black finish

As the trend for black fixtures, fittings, furniture and surfaces in the kitchen grows ever stronger, Blanco UK has announced the launch of the EVOL-S Pro 4-in-1 in Matt Black. The company says the release is building on the success of the PVD steel version, with the new finish taking the EVOL-S Pro to the next level in terms of style.

The new Matt Black EVOL-S Pro is an easy to use, 4-in-1 water-saving boiling water tap which joins the EVOL-S family alongside the drink.filter 3-in-1 Pro and the original EVOL-S Volume mixer with pull-out spray. The tap delivers standard hot and cold water with two spray options via the mixer lever on the right. The EVOL-S rotary control and measuring dial lets the user select cold filtered or true-boiling filtered water, and then set the dial to deliver the exact amount of water required – an intuitive touch control initiates the flow. The selected water is delivered through a second, safe-to-touch insulated spout while the main flexible spout features a magnetic holder and dual spray for mixed water. 

For both the boiling filtered and cold filtered water, a BWT five-stage filter system is used, which ensures balanced, pure water. The 100⁰C water is delivered instantly, in a controlled anti-spray stream, from a titanium 4-litre hot water tank. Titanium is more hygienic, stronger, taste-free and will not corrode with constant use, which copper and steel tanks can do. The advanced system behind the EVOL-S Pro is monitored by a control unit that manages the plumbing connections and the technology with a built-in digital flowmeter that alerts the user when the super-long-life filter needs replacing. 

The drink.filter EVOL-S Pro works in exactly the same way, delivering standard hot and cold water from the mixing lever on the right, while the scaling wheel on the left measures the exact amount of cold, perfectly filtered water.  

The EVOL-S Pro is part of BLANCO UNIT range which includes – EVOL-S Pro 4-in-1, drink.filter EVOL-S Pro, FONTAS-S II Filter and TAMPERA 3-in-1. The filter can also be slotted into the sink cabinet with the BLANCO UNIT organisational system.

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