Rangemaster's Emma Cowley – Why it pays to work with one manufacturer

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Rangemaster's Emma Cowley – Why it pays to work with one manufacturer

Rangemaster's Emma Cowley – Why it pays to work with one manufacturer

Emma Cowley, brand and digital marketing manager at Rangemaster, explains the time and business benefits retailers can enjoy if they deal with a one-stop-shop.

"Manufacturers and retailers thrive off each other, and establishing a relationship between the two is vital to a successful and fruitful partnership. For retailers that offer a wide choice of brands, it can be time consuming to deal with multiple manufacturers and sales representatives, so working with one brand can certainly provide a variety of advantages – from product choice to cost and customer service. 

"Dealing with one sales representative will of course save time, as a single relationship is much easier to establish and maintain. In addition, it will also put retailers in a stronger position to negotiate for the best prices when placing larger orders for multiple types of products. 

"While having a choice is surely an advantage, that doesn’t necessarily have to mean offering a wide range of brands. Most manufacturers’ portfolios cover a variety of styles and price points, so retailers can easily work with one brand that has multiple collections and product categories, ensuring their customers are spoilt for choice. For example, at Rangemaster we offer freestanding and built-in cooking appliances, plus fridge-freezers, wine cabinets and dishwashers, as well as taps and the largest sinks collection in the UK. 

"On a practical level, one brand’s appliances are likely to share a similar, if not the same, interface across different products. This is particularly useful in showrooms, as retailers will only need to learn (and train employees) how to use one system – making it much easier to demonstrate to consumers how to use the products or explain specific functions. Above all, both the retailer and customer will benefit from the assurance of a single manufacturer with a solid reputation, as well as products that are renowned for their high levels of quality and reliability. 

"The time-saving and practical benefits don’t end there, especially since manufacturers have been ramping up digital support for retailers throughout the pandemic. Following positive feedback from customers, Rangemaster launched a new asset portal last year to further enhance the library of content available; this includes everything required for websites and social media channels, including product imagery, videos and banners, to interactive brand landing pages, which can be easily integrated into retailers’ websites to improve the online journey for consumers. At Rangemaster, we understand that it takes time to keep everything up-to-date online, so we want to ensure retailers always have the latest product information and tools available. For instance, our Premier Partner programme provides retailers with access to training, exclusive products, point of sale (POS) displays and display discounts. 

"Finally, there are also aesthetic perks to working with one manufacturer. From matching colours and logos, to finishes on handles and trims, both retailers and consumers can benefit from a co-ordinated look, whether in a showroom display or an end-user’s kitchen. 

"Ultimately, manufacturers are here to support retailers throughout every aspect of their business, so why not enjoy the many advantages and services they have to offer?"

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