Rotpunkt reports 'growth on a global scale' following successful 2021

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Rotpunkt reports 'growth on a global scale' following successful 2021

Rotpunkt reports 'growth on a global scale' following successful 2021

German kitchen manufacturer Rotpunkt has reported constant growth on a global scale, as the company looks back on a successful 2021. The company’s annual turnover increased by circa 19% to deliver a business income of 87million euros. During this time, the core markets identified by Rotpunkt reveal that Great Britain, the Nordic countries of Scandinavia and France, are now rivalling the traditionally strong Germany, along with Benelux countries of Belgium and the Netherlands.

New sales territories also emerged last year, with Austria and South Tyrol becoming the latest countries to join the company’s growing global supply-chain. Dietmar Walter, trading agency specialist helped facilitate this developing market and Sven Herden, MD of sales & marketing at Rotpunkt, said: “Quality, sustainable contacts were forged at the küchenwohntrends trade fair in Salzburg last October, where our team formed new relationships with specialist dealers in parts of Austria and Italy. These new connections have since intensified and are now an integral part of our plans to expand and develop in and around these regions.”

In the UK Rotpunkt says it has been able to successfully navigate a series of market challenges following Brexit and the pandemic, fully compensating for any market fluctuations worldwide to ensure a sustained level of growth. The company is exhibiting at KBB Birmingham in order to strengthen business ties among new and existing trade partners in the UK.

In Germany, confirming a steady 80% share in exports, Rotpunkt has reported an even sales growth across all core markets to the brand, with Germany reaching consistent record highs. “In fact, Rotpunkt has significantly increased volume, seeing its German sales division experience double-digit growth rates over the last three years,” added Herden.

Rotpunkt says that the outlook for 2022 beyond is 'extremely positive despite being subjected to the ongoing challenges in the KBB industry and daily operational factors'. Key objectives will concentrate on quality leads, supply chains, logistics, delivery times and energy efficiency. New product innovations will benefit from considered stock increases where possible, and the company will maintain its climate-friendly manufacturing processes and commitment to planet-friendly policies.

Pictured are Rotpunkt's management team.

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