Quooker launches 5-year support package with KBSA for independents

KitchensNews Tue 15th Mar 2022 by KBBFocus

Quooker launches 5-year support package with KBSA for independents

Quooker launches 5-year support package with KBSA for independents

In partnership with the Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association (KBSA), Quooker has launched a 5-year support package for independent kitchen retailers across the UK. One year on from its initial partnership, Quooker joins a wider network of corporate sponsors with the joint aim of driving consumers into specialist independent showrooms nationwide. 

Quooker and the KBSA are committed to protecting, supporting and growing this sector. Quooker said that its 6-figure investment and 5-year support plan will help the KBSA inject growth into the market and expand its retail membership, as well as support the association to act as the political voice for the independent sector, and the centre for education and training.

Commenting on the partnership, Quooker MD Stephen Johnson, pictured left, said: "Having grown up in the KBB industry and as a longstanding supporter of the independent kitchen retail sector, I passionately believe there is a communal responsibility of support wherever possible. At Quooker, we are therefore committed to helping the industry with our resources and expertise. We look forward to partnering closely with the KBSA and its board to strengthen this vital trade association. Working together to build a war chest to support the independent dealer network, it is my hope that we can encourage people to invest in independent showrooms across the country."

KBSA national chair Richard Hibbert, pictured right, added: "This major package, which will benefit not only KBSA members but a global audience of independent retailers, will reach a massive audience and provide a huge boost to business. We are immensely grateful to Quooker for their continued support and hope that others will join them in coming forward."

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