UK bathroom market enjoyed 15% value growth in 2021

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UK bathroom market enjoyed 15% value growth in 2021

UK bathroom market enjoyed 15% value growth in 2021

The Bathroom Market Report - UK 2022-2026 has revealed that the UK bathroom market saw a value growth of 15% in 2021. 

The report also found that the UK bathroom market saw a value growth of 15% in 2021. The increase follows a decline of 16% in 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic to blame for the dip. However, with many property owners able to save money during the crisis, home improvements – particularly focussing on the bathroom – are currently on the rise.

The study, which was compiled by AMA Research, also uncovered that baths and sanitaryware are currently dominating the sector, with a 35% share of the market. This is largely attributed to the positive influence of new-build housing specs, with housebuilders commonly attributing two or more bathrooms within the average house, as well as a downstairs cloakroom space.

Abdul Tantouch, research manager at AMA Research and the editor of the report, explains: "The UK bathroom market is primarily influenced by levels of residential and commercial construction, bathroom refurbishments, demographic changes, environmental influences, design trends, technological developments, also updates in building and energy efficiency legislation."

The report also shows that the level of bathroom imports has notably increased, despite ongoing supply chain issues. It's currently estimated at over 75% of market value. 

Technological developments, such as touch-free taps and WC flushing systems, are becoming more prevalent than ever according to the research, with the UK market consistently exposed to product and design trends.

Also of note is the increased focus on the importance of sustainable methods of production and distribution, in alignment with the UK's target of achieving carbon net zero by 2050.

"Future market opportunities will arise from changing design trends and product developments that will lead to a quicker replacement cycle, with consumers trading up to added value solutions," notes Tantouch.

"The evolution of the smart bathroom is now evident, with the growing demand for hygienic touchless solutions. Water efficiency is also becoming a key consideration, with climate change and the increasing focus on sustainability and the environment."

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