Rotpunkt announces growth in UK sales following KBB Birmingham

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Rotpunkt announces growth in UK sales following KBB Birmingham

Rotpunkt announces growth in UK sales following KBB Birmingham

Rotpunkt has reported a "strong upward trend" in UK sales, attributing the growth in part to its recent successful presence at KBB Birmingham.

The German-born brand also notes that the lifting of COVID restrictions has improved market confidence, with homeowners keen to improve their properties in the post-lockdown world.

Rotpunkt – which is known for its award-winning design and manufacturing of climate-friendly German kitchen furniture – exhibited at KBB Birmingham in March, taking the opportunity to showcase a range of new launches to visitors. KBB professionals were able to explore four state-of-the-art interactive kitchen displays, as well as two laundry storage solutions.

Highlights of the brand's stand at the event included:

  • The UK launch of new Fenix colours
  • A new range of Memory RI door fronts
  • Finishes in Dark Grey Steel and Split-Line in split oak
  • The British debut of Blum's Revego pocket door system

Rotpunkt was actually the first manufacturer to showcase the innovative pocket door mechanism, integrating the solution with its Fenix Green and Sherwood Flamed wood-effect full-height kitchen doors.

Matt Phillips, head of UK operations at Rotpunkt, said about the brand's surge in sales: "We had a very positive experience at [KBB Birmingham], after two years dominated by market volatility in the wake of Brexit and the pandemic".

He continues: "Now the situation has completely changed course and we have full confidence that UK consumers are keen to invest in their homes once more. In fact, we anticipate significant sales in the residential and the contracts sector as we prepare to enter a new fiscal year with our expanding network of retailers, sales managers, and new collaborative climate strategy, Together to Zero, in partnership with".

Sven Herden, MD of sales and marketing at Rotpunkt, says: "We have flexibly adapted to changing circumstances, including the new trading landscape after Brexit and fine-tuning our operations to ensure a fully cohesive supply chain and supportive dealer network throughout the pandemic. In addition, the field sales team in the UK has continued to grow so that we are actively expanding brand awareness and outlining our point of difference – sustainability, transparency and contemporary ergonomic design for a better future".

After the turmoil of the last few years – which has included everything from Brexit to COVID-19 – Rotpunkt has invested in "new systems" that will directly support both retailers and end-users at all times, and is now looking forward to further growth in the UK.

Herden adds: "With an ever-growing network, we are keen to upskill our UK brand partners, especially as we have significantly grown our presence in this territory despite the pandemic. Our UK leadership team stands ready to provide even more dedicated business support as demand for sustainable, modular furniture solutions continues to rise".

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