BMA poll highlights need for better product labelling

IndustryNews Thu 27th Aug 2020 by KBBFocus

BMA poll highlights need for better product labelling

BMA poll highlights need for better product labelling

The results of an opinion survey commissioned by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association have been welcomed by the Unified Water Label. The poll revealed that three-quarters of British adults try to use water wisely whenever they can, with 75% stating that they recognise their individual responsibility to save water. 

However, the poll – which was based on a nationally representative group of more than 2,000 people – also revealed that 55% would like to improve their household water efficiency, and just over half – 51% – say that it influences their purchasing decision but there is a lack of information available to help them make an informed choice. The survey also revealed that 41% of adults are not sure how to improve water efficiency in their home, and 28% have no idea how much water they use every day.

"It is frustrating, as the products are available from manufacturers and many choose to display the Unified Water Label, which provides the information consumers seek, but retailers and installers are not taking the opportunity to provide this information to the consumer," said Yvonne Orgill, MD at the Unified Water Label.

"The Unified Water Label is a simple, honest, credible label developed by industry experts who understand products and how they work as part of a system," she explained, adding: "Consumers can aske their retailers and installeds for products that display the label, in order to help them make more informed choices."

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