Hi-Macs extends portfolio with nine new basin designs

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Hi-Macs extends portfolio with nine new basin designs

Hi-Macs extends portfolio with nine new basin designs

Hi-Macs is extending its range by adding nine new versatile basins to its standard bathroom collection. The new collection includes flush and top-mounted models to provide designers with more options for bathrooms and washrooms, in both residential and commercial settings. The company says designers can achieve seamless and hygienic installations thanks to the properties of the material.

Two new 'squircle' top-mounted basins are now available – adding to the existing range, which already consists of square, rectangular and circular shapes. These are designed to sit on top of vanity units or bespoke designed surfaces. The overall range offers design diversity no matter what the project requirements.

Seven new flush-mounted models have also been added to the range. These basins are designed to be used with a Hi-Macs work surface, giving a seamless super hygienic finish. The addition of a Hi-Macs splashback or full wall covering will complete the design.

The seamless finish of Hi-Macs provides a totally smooth surface, preventing the accumulation of dirt, mould and bacteria. Moreover, the company says that its resistance to the most aggressive cleaning agents guarantees a long-lasting durability without any discolouration.

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