Franke upgrades Vital tap's filtration system to enhance water quality

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Franke upgrades Vital tap's filtration system to enhance water quality

Franke upgrades Vital tap's filtration system to enhance water quality

Responding to consumer demand, Franke has upgraded its best-selling Vital Capsule Filter tap with a new filtration system which now offers a choice of two different filters that will cater for the differences in water quality within properties that are old or new build.

The company said that offering a customised filtration system to different types of houses will give consumers the option to select the correct filter suited to the water quality and age of their home, and then continue to purchase the correct replacement filter going forward. 

Included with the tap will now be the standard High Performance filter, which is best suited to new build homes with more modern pipework as well as the new High Flow filter, which can be used in homes with older pipework where sediment may be a problem. 

One of the biggest selling points of the Vital Capsule range is its advanced filtration system. The pioneering and patented technology removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, together with rust, pesticides, hormones, chlorine and even microplastics, while retaining all beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and fluoride. 

The recyclable filter cartridge is housed in a metal capsule that is integral to the tap, meaning there is no filter system taking up valuable cupboard space under the sink, and the design also allows for easy cartridge replacement. Once 500 litres of water has been dispensed, the capsule can simply be twisted open and a new cartridge popped in. 

Premium design matches premium technology with the Vital range which offers a choice of three different tap styles: a compact dedicated single dispense model; a 3-in-1 J-Spout design and a 3-in-1 Semi-Pro model featuring a flexible hose and spray function. Reflecting the vogue for metal finishes, all models are available in two tactile combinations of Chrome/Gunmetal and Matt Black/Decor Steel. 

Further information is available from: 0161 436 6280 or

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