Grohe shares tips for consumers on reducing energy consumption at home

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Grohe shares tips for consumers on reducing energy consumption at home

Grohe shares tips for consumers on reducing energy consumption at home

As the cost of living continues to increase and energy prices soar, global bathroom and kitchen brand, Grohe, has shared its top tips for consumers on reducing energy consumption in the home. 

With sustainability at the heart of Grohe’s product development and an ethos of 'Pure Freude an Wasser' (or joy of water), the company is committed to helping people make impactful changes which help cut down their energy and water bills, and support the environment at the same time. 

Ebru Bircan, leader, marketing activation UK, Lixil EMENA, said: “Sustainability is incredibly important to us and it’s something we consider in everything from designing products to how they’re packaged. We pride ourselves on creating innovations which help people live and buy more consciously; easily sustainable homes continue to be a priority for many of us after the pandemic1, and with the added increase in energy bills, we hope to help people see how they can live more resourcefully while helping the environment and without compromising on product design or features.” 

Ebru's top tips on saving resources at home: 

1. Start with the basics – if you’re constantly leaving appliances or other equipment plugged in or on standby, you could be draining nearly £70 worth of unused electricity per year. Learn to switch off and unplug once you’ve finished using things such as kettles, air fryers, hair dryers and more. 

2. Consider when you really need to use warm or hot water; often cold water (which uses less energy) will suffice and we waste hot water and therefore the energy in heating it up. Small changes can add up to making a big impact, if you need a helping hand, consider Grohe’s SilkMove ES (energy saving) cold-start technology. Integrated into a number of our bathroom and kitchen product lines, the feature means only cold water is provided when the lever is in the middle position, making warm water a conscious decision. Plus, partnered with a flow restrictor to reduce water consumption by 50%, you’ll find it easier than ever to save water. 

3. We all know we should only be boiling the water we need when we’re using kettles, but often it’s harder to put into practice. Whether you tend to over-estimate or someone always asks for a cup of tea shortly after declining, a kettle-hot tap may help keep you in check. The Grohe Red water system delivers kettle-hot water direct from the tap helping to save time, energy, and space. 

4. Showering is often a sense of calm for many of us. Whether it’s the time needed to wake up in a morning or wind down in an evening; it’s one of life’s daily luxuries. However, an unnecessarily high- water flow can mean we’re wasting litres of water. Users can save up to 50% on water without compromising on the shower quality with the Grohe EcoButton which is available across a range of Grohe shower thermostats. With the simple push of a button, users can increase the water volume if they wish, providing them with the easy option to shower in an eco-friendlier manner at first.

5. One of the easiest ways to save on water bills is to reduce your water consumption. You might think that’s easier said than done, but there are industry innovations which enable you to continue enjoying using water as needed. EcoJoy technology by Grohe helps reduce water consumption by up to 50%, by using a flow restrictor to cut down from 10 litres per minute to just over 5 litres, while an aerator provides the same voluminous experience as that offered by a regular tap, meaning the experience isn’t compromised. 

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