Crosswater extends Crossbox range with new addition

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Crosswater extends Crossbox range with new addition

Crosswater extends Crossbox range with new addition

One year after the launch of the original Crossbox – a single universal installation box with multiple trim set designs – Crosswater has extended the range with the introduction of Crossbox Push.

Crossbox Push comprises an all-metal backplate, rotary and temperature control with a choice of five different MPRO trim-sets. Available in a two- or three-outlet variant, the new coloured trim-sets offer choice, allowing the homeowner to select a trim design that will complement their existing décor. Intelligent push technology relies on Neoperl ABS push buttons and FSG cartridge, so the user is able to transition between sources or stop the flow completely.

Vernet thermostatic cartridge technology means that while the temperature is regulated, if there was a sudden change in water temperature, the thermostatic cartridge can adapt quickly and return the water to its comfortable pre-set temperature. 

Said by Crosswater to be easy to install, the Crossbox Push device requires installation via one single universal installation core. Enhanced with deeper 16.5mm projection, the backplate can accommodate the push technology while retaining a sleek aesthetic.

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