How Sheraton Interiors came up with a show-stopping curved design

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How Sheraton Interiors came up with a show-stopping curved design

How Sheraton Interiors came up with a show-stopping curved design

Shehryar Khan, MD of Twickenham-based kitchen design studio Sheraton Interiors, reveals how working alongside an architect on an ambitious renovation project gave rise to a creative and curvaceous kitchen design.

Q: Tell us a bit about the project – what type of property was it in and who was it for?  
A: The project was for a young family with demanding city careers in Loughton, Essex. The ground floor of the 1930s semi-detached property was completely reconfigured, including the brand new kitchen extension. The brief entailed creating a space for modern-day, open-plan living with a strong connection to the beautiful 300ft long garden.

Q: How closely did you have to work with the architect when designing this kitchen?
A: Very closely, he was fully involved in the kitchen process, and it was actually really easy as we have worked together with him on multiple projects before and knew exactly what was required.

Q: There is a mix of materials in the scheme – what motivated each of these choices?
A: Natural colour tones have been used to complement the space and bring the colours of the garden in. The bespoke kitchen units and island were designed to echo the soft curves of the arched doors and curved glass box, while the wall units are full height to maximise the amount of storage provided. The client loved the way the cabinetry looks and comes together with the whole theme of the room.

Q: Tell us about the amazing island.
A: The elliptical island is wrapped around with curved flutes and finished off with a colourful terrazzo worktop to bring some fun to the design. The island was curved keeping in theme with the arched doors and curved glass box.

Q: What are your 'do's and don'ts' when it comes to incorporating curves in a kitchen?
A: Visually appealing, I think curves help to create a wow factor in a kitchen. They make the space feel softer and it's easier to manoeuvre around in the kitchen. One piece of advice is, don’t use curves in a modular setting. Also, consider storage space when using curved furniture as you will get less room for it – apart from that, there aren’t really any don'ts!

Q: What is your favourite part of the finished project?
A: I love the way the kitchen becomes part of the room with the arched window and door echoing the curves of the island – the whole room comes together so beautifully. The elliptical island definitely makes a statement in the room and I am definitely proud of this feature. Also, the kitchen is timeless – it’s a modern/retro mix and definitely a style that will still look great in many years to come.

Q: What is the client's favourite part of the finished project?
A: I think they love the fact that they can enjoy their unobstructed view of the garden from the kitchen and up to the sky through the up and over window. It is a great place to sit throughout the year, and the space feels so light and stylish.

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