Ideal Standard unveils new Ceratherm Navigo collection

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Ideal Standard unveils new Ceratherm Navigo collection

Ideal Standard unveils new Ceratherm Navigo collection

Ideal Standard has expanded its range of built-in thermostatic showers with the release of its new Ceratherm Navigo collection.

Combining sleek, minimalist design with innovative new Navigo technology, the new products allow users to precisely adjust water flow and control temperature with a simple push-and-turn movement.

Available in both circular (shown here) and square designs, the shower mixers have all been designed to enhance Ideal Standard's wider range, with four timelessly stylish finish options: chrome, magnetic grey, silver storm and brushed gold.

As well as looking great, Ceratherm Navigo has also been designed with the end-user's safety in mind, with an innovative temperature feature that automatically adjusts the flow of hot or cold water if pressure spikes or is lost. 

Ideal Standard's Cool Body tech also means that the shower's controls and body are kept cool to the touch, regardless of how hot the water is.

Easy to install thanks to Ideal Standard's Easy-Box unit, Ceratherm Navigo is powered by the brand's Firmaflow Therm cartridge, which ensures optimum temperatures are reached in the quickest time possible. This saves on energy consumption and also helps to limit the amount of water used - without compromising on the user's experience. 

Ashley Smith, Residential Brassware at Ideal Standard International NV at Ideal Standard, said: "The Ceratherm Navigo collection has been expertly designed with industry leading technology on the inside and a sleek design on the outside. With Ceratherm Navigo, end-users will be able to control and customise temperature and water flow with ease, whilst the minimalist look and variation of finishes make it perfect for any bathroom".

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